Q: What insurance do you take?

A: I am currently on panels for:     BC/BS PPO & Federal              Aetna PPO & HMO/POS          

  I will provide support if you wish to use your out-of-network insurance benefits. 


Q: How much do you charge?

A: My fee is $130 for a regular, 45 minute session. Other services are priced with this rate as a benchmark. The fee for an initial appointment will be $150. 


Q: Will you consider a lower fee or sliding scale?

A: There are some times I am able to accept a lower fee. Please discuss this with me before we meet if you have a strong financial need.


Q: Do you have early morning, evening, or weekend appointments?

A: I have some early morning and very late afternoon appointments. I do not see clients on evenings or weekends.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I take cash, check and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover/Nexus). I use Square for credit card purchases. 


Q: Can you prescribe medication?

A: I do not have a license to prescribe medication. I can, however, consult with your primary physician or psychiatrist or refer you to a psychiatrist if there is a need.


Q: What is the difference between Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

A: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (or CBT) is actually very similar to Cognitive Therapy (or CT). CBT may have a broader range of interventions at the behavioral level in addition to the cognition, or thought, level. Look back to this page for more information.


Q: I really want to do strict CT or CBT, and you seem to emphasize being integrative. What if I just want to do CBT?

- Or – I have done CT before and it felt too structured for me. Do you only work with CBT?

A: Treatment decisions are part of a collaborative process, based on issues, diagnosis, personality style, and personal preferences. Working from a more stringent protocol or from a different perspective are both options; consulting in person would be helpful to discuss this further in your personal situation.


Q: Do you see couples?

A: No, but if you are in need of couples therapy, I would be happy to help you with some referrals.


Q: Do you see children? 

A: I only work with clients 18 and older. 


Q: How long does therapy take to work?

A: This question has a highly variable answer, and is best discussed in person. However, research shows that for people with uncomplicated depression or anxiety diagnoses, they often report significant improvement within three to six months.


Q: I can't make weekly appointments regularly. Can we meet once or twice a month?

A: For progress to be made, psychotherapy requires regular appointments, preferably weekly. Sometimes every other week can be appropriate, although certainly it may take more time to see the progress you want. I recommend for almost all my clients that we meet weekly to begin with and then we may choose to decrease frequency with time. We can discuss this for your personal situation and goals. Meeting less often than every other week is almost never useful in the early stages of therapy. There simply isn't enough time to reinforce new perspectives and choices. 

Feel free to talk to me about your personal difficulties in committing to weekly treatment, and we can consider how to make therapy helpful for you. 


Q: May I link to you on a social network?

A: If you run across my name on a social network, please do not be offended that I do not accept clients as connections. For various ethical boundary and privacy reasons, I have a blanket policy of never "friending" any current or former clients on personal or professional social internet or media networks.